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Image for Amy Carter
Dr. Amy Carter
Image for John  Taylor
John Taylor
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Image for Charlotte Young
Dr. Charlotte Young
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Image for Dana Bell
Dana Bell
Asst. Principal Crestwood Elementary
Image for Deidre Bland
Deidre Bland
Drop Out Prevention
Image for Justus Booth
Justus Booth
Northwest Middle Principal
Image for Tim Boutwell
Tim Boutwell
Director of Technology
Image for Chuck Butler
Chuck Butler
Athletic Director
Image for Jayson Chisolm
Jayson Chisolm
Director of Transportation
Image for Theresa Chisolm
Theresa Chisolm
Director Marion Park
Image for Ricardo Clayton
Ricardo Clayton
Chief of Campus Police
Image for Shevondra Clayton
Shevondra Clayton
Harris Upper Principal
Image for Carolyn Davis
Carolyn Davis
Chief Fiscal Officer
Image for Matt  Davis
Matt Davis
Public Relations
Image for Jennifer Dupont
Jennifer Dupont
Harris Lower Principal
Image for Janet Fortner
Janet Fortner
Director of Assessment
Image for LaVonda Germany
LaVonda Germany
Poplar Springs Principal
Image for Howard Hagwood
Howard Hagwood
Director of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
Image for Gregory Harrington
Gregory T. Harrington
Asst. Principal MHS 9th Grade Academy
Image for Victor Hubbard
Victor Hubbard
Meridian High Principal
Image for Clair Huff
Clair Huff
District Arts Coordinator
Image for Kimberly Kendrick
Kimberly Kendrick
Human Resources
Image for Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Asst. Principal Marion Park
Image for Brooke Knight
Brooke Knight
Principal West Hills Elementary
Image for Carpia Lewis
Carpia Lewis
Asst. Principal Northwest Middle School
Image for Cheryl Martin
Cheryl Martin
Director of Special Education
Image for Tawanda McClelland
Tawanda McClelland
Lead Teacher West Hills
Image for Jackie McFarland
Jackie McFarland
Asst. Principal Meridian High
Image for Louise McPhee
Louise McPhee
Director of Food Services
Image for Angela McQuarley
Angela McQuarley
Principal Magnolia Middle & Parkview
Image for Kelly McVay
Kelly McVay
Lead Teacher Harris Lower
Image for Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller
Asst. Principal Marion Park
Image for Sherrod Miller
Sherrod Miller
Asst. Principal Magnolia Middle
Image for Shirley Mosley
Shirley Mosley
Asst. Principal Meridian High
Image for Charissa Murphy
Charissa Murphy
Lead Teacher Harris Upper
Image for Rosalind Operton
Rosalind F. Operton
Principal Crestwood Elementary
Image for Shelia Radcliffe
Shelia Radcliffe
Dyslexia Coordinator
Image for Felicia Ruffin
Felicia Ruffin
Principal Carver Middle School
Image for Clay Sims
Clay Sims
Director of Facilities
Image for Rob Smith
Rob Smith
Director Ross Collins
Image for Kelli Speed
Kelli Speed
Director of Federal Programs
Image for Mary Swindell
Mary Swindell
Asst. Director Ross Collins
Image for Shannon Thomas
Shannon L. Thomas
Asst. Principal Parkview
Image for Shevonda Truman
Shevonda Truman
MHS Freshman Academy Principal
Image for Rufus Wright
Rufus Wright
Asst. Principal Carver Middle School
Image for Barbara Young
Barbara L. Young
Principal Oakland Heights
1019 25th Ave | Meridian, MS 39301 | PH: 601-483-6271