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Dropout Prevention

Goal : To graduate Meridian Public School District students and prepare them to become productive citizens in the community.   


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• PowerSchool – tools utilized to manage student grades, attendance, discipline and progress.

• EZ test tracker – tools used by administrators to analyze test data.

• District Dropout Prevention Specialist - is employed to ensure the effective implementation of the district’s dropout prevention initiatives.

According to the National Dropout Prevention Center (Clemson University), there is a no quick fix that will end the dropout problem in schools. Effective dropout prevention cannot occur in a vacuum but must be carefully reviewed within the context of major school reform activities. It must be created within a system that provides an infrastructure for ongoing implementation and sustainability of proven practices. This website summarizes the Meridian Public School District’s efforts to create and support a system.

Dropout Prevention Plan

Meridian High School Act Plan for Dropout Prevention Restructuring



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