Dr. Amy Carter 601-484-4915
Superintendent Email Dr. Amy Carter
John Taylor 601-483-5854
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Email John  Taylor
Dr. Charlotte Young 601-482-0342
Assistant Superintendent of Accountability, Operations, and Student Services/ Title IX Coordinator Email Dr. Charlotte Young
Tim Boutwell 601-484-4957
Director of Technology Email Tim Boutwell
Jayson Chisolm 601-484-4951
Director of Transportation Email Jayson Chisolm
Ricardo Clayton 601-482-3285
Chief of Campus Police Email Ricardo Clayton
Carolyn Davis 601-484-4904
Chief Fiscal Officer Email Carolyn Davis
Janet Fortner 601-483-5942
Director of Assessment Email Janet Fortner
Howard Hagwood 601-484-4458
Director of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Email Howard Hagwood
Cheryl Martin 601-484-4963
Director of Special Education/ 504 Coordinator Email Cheryl Martin
Elizabeth McDonald 601-482-0423
Public Relations Email Elizabeth McDonald
Louise McPhee 601-484-4929
Director of Food Services Email Louise McPhee
Terry Moore 601-482-6499
Director of Human Resources Email Terry Moore
Clay Sims 601-484-4945
Director of Operations and Warehouse Email Clay Sims
Kelli Speed 601-484-4960
Director of Federal Programs Email Kelli Speed