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Technology FAQ
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Technology FAQ:

Try these suggestions before contacting Technology about computer issues. If you still need assistance, please submit a workorder or call 484-4957 to describe the issues involved and specific error messages if noted.

1. What do I need to do in case my computer freezes?
Make sure to save all your work frequently. There is no way to keep a computer from freezing, and you do not want to lose any important work you have already done. One thing to try is to do a hard power reset (hold power button until it goes off) and it should power back on. If it doesn't, submit a Technology Workorder.

2. Why is my printer not working?
Make sure that all cables are correctly connected from computer to printer, that none of them are damaged, and that the power on the printer is on.

3. Why can't I get my email?
Make sure that you have internet and all cables are connected. If the internet or network is down, please keep trying.

4. How can I schedule training if I have software or hardware in my classroom that I'm not proficient with? Email Holley Davis to schedule a time for individual, team, or school wide training.


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