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Free Breakfast and Free Lunch

All Students will receive Free Breakfast and Free Lunch


Meridian Public Schools is participating in a new program that will allow us to offer each student Free Breakfast and Free Lunch for this school year.


Parents will not be required to complete the application for free and reduced meals.


If your student has a balance in their account left from the 2013-2014 school year, you may request a change to their account so they may use that balance to purchase extra meal components, water, canned juice etc. or you may request a refund by contacting Food Services at 601-484-4928 or 601-484-4929. Refunds are done on a monthly basis and are mailed the day after the School Board meets. Refunds are not allowed through the On-Line prepayment plan we have with Heartland Payment Systems.

1019 25th Ave | Meridian, MS 39301 | PH: 601-483-6271