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Dr. Taylor's Blog - On a Positive Note...

MPSD Parents and Members of the Community,

Can you believe that there are only 4 weeks left in the school year? This year has flown by!

Each of our schools are working diligently to prepare your student for the upcoming State tests. I am excited to see the results from those tests to show everyone that we are a “successful” school district. Please help us by encouraging the students to get plenty of rest the night before the tests, to eat breakfast the morning of the tests, and to take their time and follow the instructions on the tests.

I want to update you on a few things going on in the District…

MPSD Culture and Climate Survey

Recently our staff and students in grades six through twelve took a Culture and Climate Survey for the District. The goal of the survey was to assess the shared values and norms of the district as well as the overall environment. The results have been analyzed to determine where our strengths and weakness are so that we can improve in the needed areas.

I specifically looked at the results with a focus on our District’s four goals- establish safe and orderly schools, improve student achievement, increase accountability, and strengthen community relations. I am very pleased that the majority of students and staff felt that their school is safe and orderly, teachers hold high expectations of the students, students are being prepared for college or the workplace, and that their administrators will listen to their concerns.

The statement on the survey that said “When the Superintendent is visiting my campus, he is approachable and values my opinion” received a large number of “Don’t Know” answers. So, in response to that, I will be going around to all of the schools to visit with the teachers and staff in the next few weeks. I am encouraging the staff to bring any questions, concerns, or ideas. I will go to visit the support departments as well, but those dates and times will be announced at a later date.

Job Openings

I also wanted to let you know that we are in the process of hiring for our open positions. The Board has approved the hire of a Director for the Office of Exceptional Child Education and two principal positions. I know that you are dying to know who these people are, and I promise you that we will communicate that with you as soon as possible! There is still paperwork that needs to be completed, so as soon as the information can be shared, I will do so.

Sign-On Bonuses

I want to make sure you are in the loop on the sign-on bonuses being offered to teachers in tested areas. The Phil Hardin Foundation generously provided us with a grant of over one million dollars. Some of these funds are reserved to recruit and retain highly effective teachers and administrators. We are using that money to provide the five thousand dollar sign-on bonuses.

The bonus is being offered to teachers within the District that have a proven track record of excellent growth on the MCT2 or SATP and that are willing to move to a school that is still struggling. The MPSD teachers that are chosen for these bonuses will have to commit to the new school for at least two years. The bonuses are also available to teachers from outside of our District that have a proven track record of growth on the MCT2 or SATP and that are willing to commit to teaching within our District for at least two years. There are a limited number of bonuses, so if you meet the requirements and are interested, please contact the H.R. Director or the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction immediately.

There is an advertisement in the Meridian Star for these bonuses as well, and that will continue to run through the end of the month.

Don’t forget that there is also money for the teachers within the district that show growth at each school. Those teachers will have the opportunity to provide professional development to other teachers within the district and will receive payment for providing that service.


Thank you for your interest and support of the Meridian Public School District!


Continue to Believe in Blue,

Dr. Taylor

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