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In the official release of the state accountability statuses for schools and districts in the 2010-2011 school year, the Meridian Public School District is ranked as “low performing.”  

“While we are not where we want to be, I feel that the district is moving in the right direction,” said Superintendent Dr. Alvin Taylor. “The overall district Quality of Distribution Index improved, and five of our ten schools improved their QDI scores as well. We will use that momentum to move forward.”

First used in 2009, the state’s accountability system rates schools and districts by the following labels: failing, at risk of failing, low performing, academic watch, successful, high performing, and star. This system replaced the Level 1-5 ratings that were previously used in the state.

The accountability status is based on three components: achievement, growth, and graduation. Achievement measures the school’s relative standard scores on the state assessments.  The Mississippi Curriculum Test, Second Edition is used in grades three through eight to measure student achievement in Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics.  Subject Area Test Program scores from Algebra I, English II, and U.S. History are used to measure student achievement at the high school level. Growth measures the school’s improvement from where students scored the year before. Graduation measures how many students are completing high school.

 “It is very important to not only look at the accountability labels but the QDI scores of the school and the district,” said Robin Miles, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.

“While a label may provide the public with a general idea of a school or district’s performance, the QDI provides a number that may be compared from year to year.  Schools may show double digit gains in student performance and still remain under the same accountability label,” added Miles.

The five district schools that increased their QDI score include Carver Middle, Crestwood Elementary, Oakland Heights Elementary, Poplar Springs Elementary, and T.J. Harris Elementary.

Even better, three schools in the district have had double digit QDI gains in the past 2 years. From 2008-2009 to 2010-2011, Oakland Heights Elementary moved 26 points to a QDI of 126; Poplar Springs Elementary moved 30 points to a QDI of 198, which is a mere two points from “star” school status;  and T.J. Harris Elementary moved 20 points to a QDI of 130.

“Now that we have a good understanding of where our schools are, we can put definite plans in place to increase our student achievement,” said Taylor.  

Those plans include administering benchmark tests each nine weeks and focusing community support on what will help the district the most.

“By administering benchmark tests at regular intervals, we will be able to see our areas of weakness before the end of the year, so we can adjust our instruction accordingly,” said Miles.

The MPSD is generously supported by numerous groups and community members in various ways. In an effort to meet the four goals of the district, Taylor is bringing all of those group leaders together to develop a focused effort on the areas that need the most attention: Language Arts tutoring, mentoring, and parent involvement.



QDI Score & Accountability Labels 2010-2011 (Unofficial)

Meridian High School

130 – Low Performing

Carver Middle School

101 – Low Performing

Magnolia Middle School

124 – Low Performing

Northwest Middle School

123 – Low Performing

Crestwood Elementary School

124 – Academic Watch

Oakland Heights Elementary

126 – Low Performing

Parkview Elementary School

135 – Academic Watch

Poplar Springs Elementary

198 – High Performing

T.J. Harris Elementary

130 – Academic Watch

West Hills Elementary School

113 – Low Performing



MPSD District

126- Low Performing

1019 25th Ave | Meridian, MS 39301 | PH: 601-483-6271