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MPSD “Successful” School District


Meeting the goal of improving student achievement, the Meridian Public School District is labeled “Successful” in the official release of state accountability statuses for schools and districts from the 2011-12 school year.

“When I came to the Meridian Public School District in July 2011, the Board of Trustees and the community set four goals for our district. One of those goals was to improve student achievement and become a ‘successful’ school district,” said Superintendent Dr. Alvin Taylor. “I am extremely proud to say that we accomplished that goal, and that every one of our ten tested schools showed improvement this year!”

Taylor added, “We are elated that Poplar Springs Elementary is now labeled a ‘Star’ school which means they are the highest performing elementary school in our area and one of the highest performing schools in the state!”

In 2009, the state replaced the Level 1-5 school accountability rating system with a label system. This year, the state added a letter grade to each label: failing (F), at risk of failing (F), low performing (F), academic watch (D), successful (C), high performing (B), and star (A).

The accountability labels and letter grades are based on a Quality Distribution Index (QDI) score which is derived from two components: achievement and growth. Achievement measures the school’s relative standard scores on the state assessments. Growth measures the school’s improvement from where students scored the year before. The tools used to measure achievement are the Mississippi Curriculum Test, Second Edition, which is used in grades three through eight to measure student achievement in Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics, and the Subject Area Test Program, which measures student achievement at the high school level in Algebra I, English II, and Biology I. Next year, scores from the U.S. History test will be included.

“It is very important to not only look at the accountability labels and letter grades but the QDI scores of the school and the district,” said Robin Miles, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. “While a label may provide the public with a general idea of a school or district’s performance, the QDI provides a number that may be compared from year to year. Schools may show double digit gains in student performance and still remain under the same accountability label.”

All ten of the tested MPSD schools grew in QDI score. Even better, five schools in the district had double digit QDI gains from 2010-11 to 2011-12: West Hills Elementary increased a whopping 29 points; Meridian High improved by an impressive 23 points; Northwest Middle grew 17 points; Oakland Heights Elementary moved up 14 points; and T.J. Harris climbed 13 points. As a District, MPSD made significant gains with an increase of 13 QDI points.

“Our QDI goal for this past year was a 133, so growing 13 points to a QDI score of 139 is thrilling,” said Taylor. “We worked extremely hard last year, and the results reflect that hard work. We will work even harder this year with the new goal of a QDI score of 145.”

“We plan to reach our goal of 145 this year by continuing to do what worked for us this past year but kicking it up a notch,” said Miles. “We will continue to administer common assessments at the end of each nine weeks, so that we will be able to see our areas of weakness before the end of the year, and can adjust our instruction accordingly.”

MPSD is generously supported by numerous community groups and organizations. This past year, in an effort to meet the four goals of the district, Dr. Taylor brought many of these groups together to develop a focused effort on the areas that need the most attention: language arts tutoring, mentoring, and parental involvement.

“We will continue to partner with the community groups that so generously donate their time and talents to help the District succeed,” said Taylor. “We saw a tremendous impact from their efforts this past year, and we are excited to continue our partnerships in an effort to continue improving.”

Taylor added, “Most importantly, we plan to continue to maintain our philosophy of making the needs of our students our first priority.”

Below is a chart that shows each school and the district and the QDI scores and accountability labels from the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years with the difference in QDI score.  


QDI Scores & Accountability Labels


QDI Scores, Account

ability Labels, & Letter Grades


QDI Growth

From 2010-11 to 2011-12

Carver Middle School

101 – Low Performing

110 – Low Performing - F

9 points

Crestwood Elementary School

124 – Academic Watch

132 – Academic Watch - D

8 points

Magnolia Middle School

124 – Low Performing

125 – Low Performing - F

1 point

Meridian High School

130 – Low Performing

153 – Academic Watch - D

23 points

Northwest Middle School

123 – Low Performing

140 – Academic Watch - D

17 points

Oakland Heights Elementary

126 – Low Performing

140 – Successful - C

14 points

Parkview Elementary School

135 – Academic Watch

140 – Successful - C

5 points

Poplar Springs Elementary

198 – High Performing

205 – Star - A

7 points

T.J. Harris Elementary

130 – Academic Watch

143 – Successful - C

13 points

West Hills Elementary School

113 – Low Performing

142 – Successful - C

29 points





MPSD District

126- Low Performing

139 – Successful - C

13 points


Highlights from this year’s data release include:

-          MPSD is a “Successful” District

-          MPSD moved up 13 points

-          Poplar Springs Elementary Named “Star” School with a QDI of 205

-          All 10 schools showed improvement

-          5 of the 10 schools showed double digit gains (West Hills, Meridian High, Northwest, Oakland Heights, and T.J. Harris)

-          MPSD met and exceeded goal of 133 QDI by reaching 139 QDI



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