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MHS Boasts 18 Scholastic Art Awards back button

MHS Scholastic Art Award Winners pictured from left to right:
Front row - Currisa Berry and Darrionnia Barfield
Back row - Emily Ware, Joshua Lindemann, X'Zadrain Nicks, Tanner Goldman, Terrianna Grady, Ben Gathright, Dee Dee Smith, and Abby Tucker

The 2012 Scholastic Art Award Results are in, and Meridian High School boasts 18 Awards.

What do the Meridian High School art students have in common with Andy Warhol, Robert Redford and John Lithgow? They are all National Scholastic Art Award Winners from their respective high schools.

The Scholastic Art Awards have celebrated 88 years as a unique presence in the nation’s classrooms by identifying and documenting outstanding achievements of young artists. Since 1923, 12 million students have participated, two million young artists and writers have been recognized – many of who have gone on to produce pioneering creative work with worldwide impact.

Established in 1923 by M.R. Robinson, who also founded Scholastic, Inc., The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is open to students in grades 7-12, recognizing outstanding achievement in the arts.  The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc. is the non-profit organization that administers the event.  Located in New York City, the Alliance oversees all national judging. 

Meridian High School has had another significant showing this year with 18 winning pieces of artwork: two Silver Keys and fifteen Honorable Mentions, 1 Honorable Mention Senior Portfolio representing ten of the school’s art students. Three MHS teachers submitted their student work for judging: Steve Westbrook, Lane Berg, and Marsha Iverson.

“These students worked tirelessly to achieve great things, because we help them believe they can,” said MHS Art Instructor Marsha Iverson. “We give them the tools, critical thinking skills, and safe environment in which they need to succeed.”

The Mississippi Museum of Art hosts the Mississippi Regional Competition each year. Students from middle, junior high, and senior high schools from across the state participate in the competition each year.  More than 2,000 entries in a wide variety of categories, including painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, sculpture, graphic design, animation, textile fiber design, as well as art and photography portfolios are judged by a panel of judges over a course of several days. In this search, judges look for originality, skill and technique, and evidence of the emergence of a personal/artistic vision and style.

All Silver Key and Gold Key winners are on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS until April 7, 2013 when all awards will be presented to the students. Honorable mention artwork is on display in the MHS library.

“The Art Department at MHS is one of the best programs in our state, and as a result, this is just a small part of the fruits from our labor,” said MHS Principal Victor Hubbard.

Thirty eight Meridian High School students submitted 111 pieces of artwork; drawings, paintings, sculpture, architecture and ceramics to the competition. The following students received awards in the Mississippi Regional Art competition:

Silver Key Awards:

X’Zadrain Nicks, Art/ Architecture, Family House Floor Plan

X’Zadrain Nicks, Art/Architecture, Lake House Floor Plan

Honorable Mention:

Darrionnia Barfield, Drawing, Harini Contour

Currisa Berry, Ceramics, Fudge Sundae

Benjamin Gathright, Ceramics, Grendel

Tanner Goldman, Sculpture, Reaching Man

Tanner Goldman, Ceramics, Bottle 1

Tanner Goldman, Ceramics, Earth Vase

Tanner Goldman, Ceramics, Hey Ha Hey Ah Ha Ha

Tanner Goldman, Ceramics, Elvia

Tanner Goldman, Ceramics, Grecian Urn

Tanner Goldman, Ceramics, SENIOR ART PORTFOLIO

Terri Grady, Painting, Pandemonium

Joshua Lindemann, Ceramics, Elephant

X’Zadrain Nicks, Architecture, Dream House

Dee Dee Smith, Drawing, Pink Flowers

Abby Tucker, Ceramics, The Green Bowl

Emily Ware, Ceramics, The King’s Crown

Congratulations to these students!

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