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MPSD Parents and Community Members,

Can you believe that we only have a little over four weeks left in this school year? My second year in Meridian is flying by just as quickly as the first one!

I want you to know that each one of our schools have been working hard this year, and we are ready for the "big push" in our final weeks before state testing. We are using every minute of instructional time to ensure that our students are prepared to perform to the best of their ability.

Each nine weeks our students take common assessments which mirror the state test. The common assessments help prepare our students for the test, but they also give the District an indication of strengths and weaknesses so that we can work to improve in the needed areas. The third nine weeks common assessments are showing that we are on track to perform about where we did last year which earned us a label of “Successful” or “C” school district.

State testing begins on May 1, 2013 and ends on May 17, 2013. Please help us by encouraging your students to get plenty of rest the night before the tests, to eat breakfast the morning of the tests, and to take their time and follow the instructions on the tests.

I want you, the city of Meridian, to know that we are truly making positive strides daily in the Meridian Public School District.

Continue Believing in Blue!
Dr. Taylor

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