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MPSD Parents and Community Members,

Happy New Year!

The new year is upon us and with that comes a laser focus on achievement in the Meridian Public School District. Our teachers and staff are working harder than ever to ensure that our students have a successful school year. So, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize some of our top teachers.

When a teacher is present each and every day at school, it truly helps our students be more successful. The following teachers had perfect attendance during the first semester of the 2013-14 school year:


Shanteria Lee


Harris Lower

Marcie Boyd


Sally Gaddis


Betty Williams


Sandra Moore


Rhonda Clark


Harris Upper

Hannah Hickman


Oakland Heights

Ashley Reed


Darlene Broadway


Beth Thrasher


Dazell Jackson


Linda Hopson


Janice Turnage



Michael Murray


Lauren Zettler


Donna Busby


Stacey Smith


Cierra Ball


Bonnie Opel


Tammy Clark


Poplar Springs

Shelley Whittington


Kara Irby


Kasey Lott


Cassie Brent


LaNelle Griffith


Vincent Coley


West Hills

Nell Barron


Vickie Davis


Susan Lepscier - Williams


Catina McBride


Audrey Parsons



Edna Burrage


Terry Clayton


Victor Lucas


Charles Pease


Jewel Rushing


Natalie Ward



Rhonda Burrage



Brown, Jonathan


Clark, Hazel


Haycox, Cary


Hill, Kim


Hood, Jacqueline


King, Rosie


Roberts, Daniel


Thomas, Shannon


MHS - 9th Grade

Holli Cobb


David Covert


Shari Joyner


Becky Sullivan


Vanessa Mix


Ashley Justice


Teresa Worthy



Antonio Altman


Casandra Altman


Randy Bolden


Mary Bounds


Ruthie Ann Brown


Dr. Myra Catchings


Kimberly Coley


Calvin Hampton


Amanda Hanegan


James Hickmon


Sharon Hudnall


Robert Larocco


Mia McDonald


Heather Neese


Shirley Silliaman


Stacey Slater


Louis Sutton


Tony Tadlock


Patti Walker


Lynda Wilson


Patricia Wilson


Ross Collins

Martin Jack


Mart Murphree


Allen Harwell


Marion Park

Lori Gatlin


I would also like to recognize our Top 20 teachers for the District. These teachers have the highest scores on our second nine weeks common assessments.



Donna Smith


Catherine Moore

Poplar Springs

Kim Hill


Cassie Brent

Poplar Springs

Rhonda Burrage


Mary Kathryn Endicott

Poplar Springs

Bridget Purdy

Poplar Springs

Haley Alexander

Poplar Springs

Shevondra Clayton


Regina Herd


Jamie Buxton


Stephen Stockton


Kim Hill


Dena Patterson

Oakland Heights

Camille Lesseig


Carla Bonner

West Hills

Ed Abdella


John Valles


Linda Posey

Poplar Springs

Jessica Killen

West Hills

Brook Gillette

Poplar Springs


Congratulations to these teachers for their hard work and dedication to the students of Meridian! I appreciate you so much!

I am looking to another semester and chance to continue making positive strides!

Always Believe in Blue,
Dr. Taylor

1019 25th Ave | Meridian, MS 39301 | PH: 601-483-6271