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MPSD Police Department Awarded Grant for New Patrol Cars back button

The Meridian Public School District Police Department is pleased to announce the addition of two Dodge Chargers to its patrol fleet. The purchase of the two Chargers was made possible by the Mississippi Community Oriented Policing Services in Schools (MCOPS) grant.

The MCOPS Grant is a Match Grant provided by the State of Mississippi and managed by the Mississippi Department of Education. A condition of the Match Grant limits its use to that of School Resource Officers. The purpose of the Grant is to promote and support the use of School Resource Officers.

As a 2016 recipient of the MCOPS Grant, the MPSD Police Department wanted to work on updating the patrol fleet. The MPSD Police Department depends heavily on the fleet for constant patrol of all Meridian Public School District campuses to ensure the safety of all students and staff as well as for response to emergencies and alarms.

The MPSD Police Department appreciates the Meridian Public School District’s support and approval to purchase two additional Chargers in order to match the MCOPS Grant’s purchase of the first two Chargers.

The MPSD Police Department anticipates the two matching Chargers to be in fleet before the end of the first semester.

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