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The Mississippi Department of Education released the 2015-16 Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP) state test results, and the Meridian Public School District held steady.

“Overall, we are not pleased with the results of the 2015-16 state test,” said Dr. Amy Carter, MPSD Superintendent. “We are in the process of devising a plan of action to address the areas of concern, and we are making adjustments as necessary while providing resources and support to our teachers and staff.”

The MAP state test was first given to students during the spring semester of the 2015-16 school year, and it replaced the PARCC assessment which schools across the country took in the 2014-15 school year. Prior to PARCC, students in Mississippi took the Mississippi Curriculum Test, Second Edition for several years. The Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP) is designed to measure student achievement on the Mississippi College-and Career-Readiness Standards (MS CCRS) for English Language Arts and Mathematics and to provide valid and reliable results to guide instruction through data driven instruction. The MAP assesses students in grades 3-8 in English Language Arts and Mathematics, Algebra I, and English II.

The MAP accountability system factors in student proficiency, a standards-based growth model, and the four-year graduation rate, if the school has a 12th grade. The system is designed to present a more transparent picture of how well schools are serving students at all levels.

“One highlight is the graduation rate has increased gradually and consistently over the last five years,” said Carter. “We are pleased to see progress in this area, and we look forward to the graduation rate continuing to move higher and higher as we prepare students for college and careers.”

The accountability system also places a greater emphasis on student academic growth, particularly the lowest performing 25 percent of students. Students meet growth if their scores improve from one proficiency level to the next, or move sufficiently within the lower proficiency levels. MPSD showed gains in improving the knowledge and performance of students who are in the lowest 25 percent.

“Some of our schools did show slight increases in proficiency levels especially in the lower 25 percent; however, we still have a long way to go to get students prepared academically to compete with students from across the state as well as the nation,” said Carter. “We are already making adjustments in instructional practices, and we are confident that these adjustments will directly impact students in a positive way.”

Highlights from this 2015-16 data release include:

-Graduation rate increased to 72.9%

-Poplar Springs Elementary School remained a “B” level or high performing school

-Carver Middle School moved from an “F” to a “D”

-Four schools and the District held steady in performance level


2015-16 MAP Results by School:

School Grade
  MAP 2015-16
Carver Middle School D
Crestwood Elementary School C
Magnolia Middle School D
Meridian High School D
Northwest Middle School D
Oakland Heights Elementary D
Parkview Elementary School F
Poplar Springs Elementary B
T.J. Harris Elementary F
West Hills Elementary School F
MPSD District D

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