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MHS Freshman Academy Tech Cats pictured left to right: (back row) Tech Cats Advisor David Carter, Edwar Hernandez, DeVontae Hunter, Tylan Bell, and (seated) Henry Zheng. 

During the first semester, MPSD Superintendent Dr. Amy Carter met with students to gather input regarding ways that the district could make learning and school more engaging for students while preparing them for college and careers. As a result of that student input, the Meridian High School Freshman Academy Tech Cats team was formed.

“Our students are creative, innovative, and desire opportunities to explore uses of technology beyond the typical assignment such as a PowerPoint presentation,” said Carter.  “Being a part of the Tech Cats team provides those students interested in pursuing a career in technology the opportunity to gain hands on experience while in high school.”

Under the supervision of Technology Director Tim Boutwell and Network Technician David Carter, the Tech Cats team includes MHS Freshman Academy students DeVontae Hunter, Edwar Hernandez, Henry Zheng, and Tylan Bell.

“The Tech Cat’s initial meeting was my favorite because we learned about all parts of the computer,” said Edwar Hernandez. “I learned so many things that I didn’t already know, and I am able to apply that knowledge to my computer at home as well.”

The Tech Cats are celebrities in the MHS Freshman Academy and at Ross Collins because one of their first projects included refurbishing old computers and delivering and installing them in the Child Care Center at Ross Collins Career and Technical Center.

“My favorite project, so far, has been building computers from scratch,” said Tylan Bell. “We have gotten to explore so many different things in the world of technology.”

“Mr. Carter ordered mother boards, hard drives, processors, memory, and power supplies for us to use to rebuild the computers for the kids,” said Devontae Hunter. “It makes me feel good to be able to give back to my community.”

“It has been a joy to have the computers in our classroom, and my students have thoroughly enjoyed having computer time,” said Ross Collins Child Care Director Dianna Hughes. “We are teaching our students how to use the computer and mouse, and they are now able to use computer software which supports and builds on classroom curriculum and focuses on developing reading skills.  So, the computers have been of tremendous benefit, and we are very thankful to the Tech Cats team.”

All of the Tech Cats agree that their hope for the future is to see the Tech Cats team continue to grow and serve more students, teachers, and schools. “We will keep learning, and we hope that more people will come to us for help with their technology problems,” said Henry Zheng.

“I am excited about this new opportunity for students to advance in the area of technology, and I am looking forward to more students becoming a part of the Tech Cats team.”

MHS Tech Cats hard at work refurbishing computers. 

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